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Drinkard not confirmed to Board of Forestry; Governor substitutes unqualified candidate

Local Santa Cruz activists performed a remarkable achievement by rallying the public to protest the appointment of Nancy Drinkard, ex-CDF forest practice officer to a seat representing the public on the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. Members of the Santa Cruz Group Forestry Task Force knew from experience that Drinkard was disrespectful to the public and really represented the timber industry.

As a result of the many calls and letters protesting Drinkard's appointment, it died for lack of a confirmation hearing. In her place, Governor Schwarzenegger has appointed Ronald Nehring of El Cajon. Unfortunately, Nehring is not qualified for the position. California Code states that members of the board should have knowledge of watershed management, forest management, fish and wildlife, or related areas. Nehring's main qualifications appear to be that he narrowly escaped having his house burn down in the recent El Cajon fire and that he is vice-chair of the California Republican Party.

How to help

o Write Senator Don Perata, Chair, Senate Rules Committee, State Capitol, Room 205, Sacramento, CA 95814. Let Senator Perata know you think Nehring is not qualified for the position as required under Section 731 of the Public Resources Code of California.

o Call Jodi Frediani for more information, 426-1697.


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