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Old Baldy, Canada | photo by Cameron Schaus
Ventana Chapter Organization
> Chapter Executive Committee

Chapter Chair: Joel Weinstein
Vice Chair: Scott Waltz
Treasurer: Joel Weinstein
Secretary: Mary Gale

Other Members: Rita Dalessio
Dale Agron
Jody Perez
Kathy Biala
Ethan Quaranta
Joe Thompson
Rachel Sutton

> Admin Chair: Rita Dalessio

> Computer Database: Stephanie Kearns

> Clubhouse Admin: Rita Dalessio

> Conservation Committee:
Members: Rita Dalessio, Dale Agron, Scott Waltz, Jody Perez

> Grassroots Communications Chair: Vacant

> Climate Committee:
Chair: Kathy Dervin

> Marina Committee
Chair: Vacant

> Environmental Justice Committee
Chair: Dr. Rafael Payan

> Wilderness/ Wild Lands Committee
Chair: Rick Popchak

> Transportation Committee
Chair: Scott Waltz

> Political Chair: Vacant

> Coastal Chair
Chair: Kathy Biala

> Outings Chair: Vacant

>Compliance Officer: Steve Leonard

> Webmaster: Dale Nutley

Ventana Chapter Election for the Executive Committee Timeline 2023

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