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Old Baldy, Canada | photo by Cameron Schaus
Conservation Issues of the Ventana Chapter

Chapter wide

Current Issues
> Ventana Chapter Election for the Executive Committee Timeline 2015
> Forestry
> Monterey Bay Sanctuary
> Pajaro River
> Pesticides
> Politics

Monterey County

Current Issues
> Carmel River  
> Coastal Dunes Resorts   (updated!)
> Fort Ord
> Jacks Peak Park
> Los Padres / Ventana Wilderness
> Marina
> Oil Drilling   (updated!)
> Pesticides
> Waste Disposal

Santa Cruz County

Urban development
> County Zoning and Planning

State Parks
> Nisene Marks General Plan
> Castle Rock General Plan

City/County Parks/Greenbelt
> City of Santa Cruz Habitat Conservation Plan
> Arana Gulch/Broadway-Brommer
> Pogonip

Forests / Logging
> Lompico Timber Harvest Plan 
> Santa Cruz Watershed Lands
> Forestry Updates  

> Highway 1 Widening
> Transportation
> Union Pacific Railway Acquisition

> Water resources
> Desalination and Growth

> North Coast 
Other Local Articles  Regional Articles and Beyond  Politics and Issues 

Closed Issues / archives
> Del Monte Forest/Pebble Beach    
> Solid Waste
> Justin Ebrahemi's blog