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    Back Issues Volume 41, Number 5, 2002                
Condors to soar above Pinnacles once again Condors to soar above Pinnacles once again
Building on the successful reintroduction of condors to the Ventana Wilderness, the National Park Service, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Ventana Wilderness Society, will release condors at the Pinnacles National Monument this winter.

Wildlife biologist, Amy Fesnock, estimates that six condors will be released at the Pinnacles in early December. Currently, workers are constructing the release facility between North and South Chalone Peaks. When birds are in the pens at the release facility, the trail between North and South Chalone Peaks will be closed ... [more]

Residents fight proposed Calpine power plant

Residents of Pajaro and the surrounding northern Monterey county community have been working to stop the construction of a proposed 45-megawatt power plant on the flood plain in a redevelopment zone. Residents are questioning whether this plant is in the best interest of the community and are concerned about the impact on the environmental and economic health of Pajaro ... [more]

Central Coast Candidates
Read information and central coast candidate bios for the upcoming election on Novemeber 5th, 2002. We have profiles of Anna Eshoo, Sam Farr, John Laird, Mardi Wormhoudt, and Ken Gray ... [more]

Vote NO on Measure B | Local control is best
The Chapter has endorsed a NO on B vote. Measure B is an advisory vote, asking if the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, serving Monterey Peninsula cities and Carmel Valley, should be dissolved. Development interests support dissolution because of the District’s recent stands against dubious water schemes (such as “credit transfers”) to provide water for growth. No alternative power structure is proposed in this measure, so it is unclear who would take over management of this vital resource if the Board were dissolved ... [more]

Watsonville - Pros and Cons of Measure U
The Sierra Club is taking a neutral stance on Measure U, the Watsonville Urban Limit Line and Development Timing Initiative. The Growth Management Committee of the Santa Cruz Group has closely examined arguments in favor of and against Measure U. Watsonville is a rapidly growing city. According to the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, the city’s population is expected to increase by 12,000 to 55,875 in the next 17 years. Measure U is an attempt to accommodate this growth while “protecting and promoting important agricultural, open space, and other natural resources.” ... [more]

Statewide Candidates
Read information and state candidate bios for the upcoming election on Novemeber 5th, 2002. We have profiles of Gray Davis, Cruz Bustamente, Kevin Shelly, Bill Lockyer, Steve Westly, Phil Angelides, John Garamendi, and Jack O'Connell ... [more]

Sierra Club supports Props 46, 50 and 51
Sierra Club California endorses Proposition 46, which will provide $2.1 billion for affordable housing, with a strong emphasis on infill development. Building affordable housing in existing urban centers not only provides an antidote to land-gobbling sprawl, but increases housing near job centers, reduces vehicle miles traveled, and revitalizes urban centers, all of which have social as well as environmental benefits ... [more]

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