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Anna Eshoo Anna Eshoo
U. S. House of Representatives
14th Congressional District

Sierra Club endorses the re-election of Anna Eshoo for Congress based on her environmental record. Among her recent accomplishments and positions supported by the Club are:

• Sponsored legislation to eliminate the SUV loophole and increase Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) to 40 miles per gallon by 2012.
• Voted to add over 4,700 acres of undeveloped land in San Mateo County to the Golden Gate Nat’l Recreation Area. • Fought for increased funding for salmon recovery on the West Coast.
• Fought for passage of the Safe Drinking Water Act including the “Eshoo Provision” to provide $3 million annually to train public health officials to recognize and treat waterborne diseases.
• Introduced the Calif. Ocean Protection Act to permanently ban environmentally harmful activities such as offshore oil drilling, mining and toxic incineration from California’s coastal waters.

Representative Eshoo received a 100% score from the California League of Conservation Voters and a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood.

Sam Farr Sam Farr
U. S. House of Representatives
17th Congressional District

Sierra Club endorses the re-election of Sam Farr for his fifth term in the U. S. Congress based on his environmental record. Among his recent accomplishments and positions supported by the Club are:

• Securing wilderness designation for all of the rocks and islands off the California coast (HR 2277 and executive action by President Clinton - 106th Congress).
• Stopped the Navy proposal to increase bombing practices at Fort Hunter Liggett.
• Introduced legislation (HR 4750) to expand the designated wilderness area of the Los Padres National Forest. (107th Congress).
• Increased appropriations for the national marine sanctuary system, and designated a portion of those increases for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
• Introduced legislation (HR 2570 - 107th Congress) to prevent over-fishing of limited or dwindling fish stock.
• While on the Agriculture committee, was responsible for originally proposing legislation (93rd Congress) on conserving agricultural land from urban sprawl. Representative Farr has continued his commitment to the program by protecting or increasing appropriations for the program.
• Secured funding for the first federal organic research position in the nation.

Representative Farr has been tireless in his efforts to improve the quality of life for residents of the Central Coast and has been a leader in the protection of its natural resources.

John Laird John Laird
27th State Assembly District

The Sierra Club endorses John Laird for the 27th State Assembly District representing coastal Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties as well as a portion of southern Santa Clara County. John has served 9 years on the Santa Cruz City Council and 2 terms as Mayor.

Since his student days at UC Santa Cruz, John has been a staunch supporter of coastal protection. As a City Councilmember, he was a leader among local coastal governments against offshore oil drilling as well as a strong advocate for the designation of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. John was also part of the City Council that purchased the Pogonip Greenbelt property in Santa Cruz.

Throughout his elected service, John received numerous government appointments which have given him vast and varied political experience. He has been active in the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Outer Continental Shelf activities, on the board of the League of California Cities, Chair of the Board of the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District, Chair of the Water Planning and Powers Board and Chair of the City’s Redevelopment Agency. His commitment to community service has also led him to serve as a member of the Board of the Cabrillo College Foundation and as a founding board member of the Santa Cruz AIDS Project.

A longtime Sierra Club member, Laird has served as a member and chair of the Sierra Club Water Resources Committee promoting water conservation programs and environmentally appropriate new water sources. As an Assembly Member, John Laird could advance Sierra Club’s long standing support of coastal protection, good air quality, better car fuel efficiency, adequate water supply and protection of open space.  
Mardi Wormhoudt Mardi Wormhoudt
Board of Supervisors, District #3

The Sierra Club is pleased to announce its endorsement of Mardi Wormhoudt for a third term representing the 3rd District based on her environmental voting record. Among her accomplishments and positions supported by the Club are:

• Support for acquisition, preservation, and community involvement in long-term planning for the Coast Dairies property on the north coast of Santa Cruz County.
• Banning of helicopter logging and timber harvesting in riparian corridors.
• Enforcement of regulations and clarification of standards regarding biomedical goat raising.
• Protection of agricultural lands through her active participation as a member of LAFCO.
• Initiation of a county-wide policy regarding decreased pesticide use.
• Support for the Wilder Ranch Bikeway, currently under construction.
• Advocacy for viable alternatives to automobile use, including support for the acquisition of the Union Pacific Rail Line. Wormhoudt is also a strong proponent of community involvement in planning and decision-making in the District, and enforcement of the County’s General and Local Coastal Plans.

“Mardi has been a champion for the environment—not only in the Third District, but on county-wide issues throughout her tenure as a Supervisor. She consistently shows concern for and action on issues important to the Sierra Club,” states Marilyn Fravel, Co-Chair of the Santa Cruz County Group.

Candidates for District #3 were asked to respond to a twelve-point questionnaire regarding their backgrounds and positions on County issues including alternatives to Single Occupant Vehicle use, Highway 1 widening, conflicts between the need for affordable housing and the county’s water supply deficiency, support for a strong urban/rural service boundary, and discussion of the potential for the County’s formal inclusion in transportation planning with the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Wormhoudt’s responses and approach recommendations were most closely aligned with those of the Sierra Club. Mark Primack declined to respond to the questionnaire.

Ken Gray Ken Gray | Marina City Council

The Sierra Club endorses Ken Gray for election to the Marina City Council. Ken has an outstanding background in applied ecology that he can use to help balance Marina’s need for reasonable growth and development while protecting sensitive habitats and open space.

Ken Gray began his professional career with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Planning and Management from UC Davis. For the past 29 years he has worked as a park ranger, ecologist, and resource planner for California State Parks.

As a 15-year resident of Marina, Ken has shown a high level of community involvement. He has served on the Marina Planning Commission, Marina Tree Committee, and the City of Marina Design Review Board. He has worked hard to help Marina integrate lands made available on former Fort Ord by participating on the Fort Ord Restoration Advisory Board, Fort Ord Technical Review Committee, and Fort Ord Resource Management and Planning Team. Ken was a founder and is Chair of Marina 2020 Vision, the group responsible for placing Measure E on the ballot leading to the passage of the first urban growth boundary in Monterey County. Ken has also been a Cub and Boy Scout leader and Scoutmaster and served as an assistant and coach for youth baseball and soccer.

As a member of the Marina City Council, Ken Gray will help lead the city of Marina toward a healthy and prosperous future while maintaining and protecting environmental quality.

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