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Old Baldy, Canada | photo by Cameron Schaus

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Robin Brooks remembered

  Robin Brooks
  Robin Brooks in Humphrey's Basin, July 2000.
There’s Banner. There’s Ritter.” Ever the professor, Robin Brooks coursed through the High Sierra naming every peak, every flower and much of the wildlife we chanced to see. But Robin was much more than a modern day Lineaus. In the mountains, Robin was a blaze of energy. While we rested he would be examining our prospective route, scouting out our next water source or searching for the perfect camping site. Bounding back to our recumbent bodies, the human Mountain Goat that was Robin would say, “Up and at’em. Great view from the top of that knob.” And we would get up and at’em. Robin was a force not to be denied. Wonderful trips.

Back, and energized by our exhilarating mountain sojourn, the environmentalist Robin would again pick up the traces and descend to the trenches to continue the fight. Not content just to enjoy the world, he was an unstoppable activist when it came to defending nature. His energetic contribution to the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations was legendary.

I send Robin thanks for our trips and for our time together with the Sierra Club. My sympathies to Kathy. All the best to you Robin. Now, “Up and at’em” as you begin your new journey. —Chris Broadwell

Robin Brooks outings leader and activist

Sierra Club mourns the passing of Robin Brooks, 75, an active outings leader for over 30 years for both the local Santa Cruz Group and the National Outings program. Robin was initially given a gift membership to the Sierra Club in 1964. Rarely has a gift had a more bountiful result.

After taking the national outings leadership training program, Robin started by leading Base Camp and Family Trips, then backpacks, and eventually leading trips to Alaska, India, Greece, and the English Lake Country among other places.

In the 1960s he was recognized by the National Sierra Club for his work in environmental education with public schools. During the 1980s, Brooks served two terms as Chair of the Group Executive Committee from 1981-82 and from 1984-85. He also served terms on the Conservation Committee and the Political Committee.

Brooks had a Ph.D. in history and taught at Hayward State University and San Jose State University before he retired in the mid 1990s. He moved to Capitola in 1978 and later resided in Aptos. After his retirement from leading national trips, Brooks often planned and led trips for friends. He was well known for his backpacking expertise and freely shared that knowledge with others. For the last few years, Brooks, his wife Katherine and other friends used horses and llamas to carry their gear as they continued to hike in the Sierra and Colorado.

The regeneration Robin and Katherine got from their trips was translated to energy for fighting environmental battles upon their return. The Sierra Club and all of us owe much to Robin Brooks, leader and environmentalist. The world is a better place for his visit.

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