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Old Baldy, Canada | photo by Cameron Schaus
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2011 legislative session mixed

December 2011

Most California Democratic legislators voted consistently to protect our air, water and wild places, while the vast majority of their Republican counterparts continued to be obstacles to environmental progress according to votes monitored by Sierra Club California.

Of the 11 bills that reached the Governor's desk, Governor Brown took actions consistent with Sierra Club California positions 6 times for a score of 55%.

"We use our Legislative Report Cards to shine a light on what happens in the Capitol, and to help our members hold their representatives accountable," said Jim Metropulos, Senior Advocate, Sierra Club California. "As a non-partisan organization, we would like to see all elected officials competing to keep up with the environmental values of their constituents."

The biggest gains for the environment include two bills that will help accelerate renewable energy investment and use in California. One, SB 2x (Simitian), increased to one third the amount of renewable energy a utility is required to include in its energy portfolio. The other, SB 790 (Leno), will make it easier for local governments to form and operate community programs to increase renewable energy resources. Other gains include a ban on shark fin sales in California through AB 376 (Fong) and, through AB 1319 (Butler), new restrictions on highly toxic Bisphenol A (BPA) in plastics used in baby bottles, toddler cups, and other food containers for young children.

Scores awarded by Sierra Club California:
   Sam Blakeslee 50%
   Joe Simitian 79%
   Luis Alejo 64%
   Bill Monning 82%