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Letter to the Coastal Commission opposing Ocean View Plaza

February 2008

Oppose the Project
February 27, 2008
California Coastal Commission
725 Front Street, Suite 300
Santa Cruz CA 95060
Attention: Susan Craig, Planner

Subject: March 6, 2008 meeting, Item Th13b-3-2008, Application No. 3-06-065
Cannery Row Marketplace, LLC

Dear Members of the Coastal Commission :

The Ventana Chapter of the Sierra Club supports the staff recommendation to deny the proposed Ocean View Plaza project. The private desalination facility intended to provide water for the project has the potential to adversely impact the critical water supply crisis we face on the Monterey Peninsula. California-American Water Company, having failed to obey WR 95-10 for 13 years is now facing a Cease and Desist Order from the State Water Resources Control Board to stop over-pumping of the Carmel River. If this desalination facility is inadequate or fails (which is very possible) the developers will turn to California-American to provide water. Continuing to develop or encourage new water sources and uses that do not "pay back" what is being taken from the Carmel River is contrary to the intent of the SWRCB.

Allowing private, for- profit growth enabled solely by a custom made desalination facility (even where the facility is publicly owned) would set a dangerous state wide precedent for private development in water restricted areas. If the Coastal Commission approves the desalination plant here, you will be faced with hundreds of similar applications from developers throughout water short areas of California. The end result would be destructive of the efforts of the Coastal Act and much other legislation designed to protect and preserve the environment.

Additionally, the current design of the facility is not consistent with the Coastal Act due to impermissible fill and dredging of ocean waters, as well as potential entrainment impacts due to a backup open ocean intake line. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary requires the highest level of protection from the adverse impacts of desalination facilities. Please protect the marine environment as well as the coastal Carmel River by denying this project.

Thank you for your consideration of these important issues.

Rita Dalessio, Chapter Chair
Ventana Chapter, Sierra Club
Ocean View Plaza Coastal Commission Staff Report

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