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Sempervirens Fund raising money to purchase Lompico headwaters

March 2006

Photo: Kevin Collins
The Sempervirens Fund has only until June 30 to raise the remaining funds needed to save the Lompico Creek headwaters and the Malosky Creek Forest. Photo: Kevin Collins

The Sempervirens Fund has secured an option to buy the Lompico Creek Headwaters from Redwood Empire. The Fund has only until June 30 to conclude this $5,600,000 deal which includes the 425-acre Lompico Creek headwaters and 200 acres in the Malosky Creek watershed.

For years the Lompico Watershed Conservancy and the Club have been trying to save the Lompico property where towering redwoods rise from deeply incised sandstone canyons above the community of Lompico. Lompico Creek is the primary source of water for this small community.

A timber harvest plan for the Lompico Creek Headwaters had been submitted in 2001 and had been approved by the California Department of Forestry. The tree cutting was stopped on appeal due to the leadership of the Lompico Watershed Conservancy which galvanized opposition, convinced the County of Santa Cruz to file an appeal, and organized an unprecedented letter-writing campaign in support of keeping this forest intact.

Undeterred, Redwood Empire submitted a new timber harvest plan which was under review when news of the deal between Sempervirens and Redwood Empire was announced.

The Malosky Creek Forest is a mixed redwood forest carpeting steep ravines above residential areas in the San Lorenzo Valley. This property supplies water to the town of Boulder Creek. This land was slated to be logged by Redwood Empire with helicopters flying logs over neighboring properties to a landing off site. As California struggles to locate new sources of water for people and wildlife, it is vital to preserve forestlands that surround drinking source headwaters.

Fundraising has begun in this most aggressive campaign in the history of the Sempervirens Fund. Please give generously. To donate visit or call 650-968-4509. Donations are tax deductible.

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