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Conservation Issues of the Ventana Chapter | monterey county
Sustainability gaining ground in Monterey County
October 2008

by Denyse Frischmuth

The concept of sustainability is finally making deeper inroads into our awareness, and the acceptability of sustainability practices is increasing. To hasten and broaden the process, Citizens for a Sustainable Monterey County is urging cities in Monterey County to adopt and implement two sustainability agreements: the United Nations Urban Environmental Accords and the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. So far, three cities have signed: Pacific Grove, Monterey and Salinas.

These agreements provide helpful guidelines for better environmental stewardship, and several of their recommendations have been implemented. Pacific Grove has planted over 2,000 trees through its "Trees for P.G." reforestation project. Its ban on Styrofoam containers used in restaurants and for take-out food will reduce the amount of toxic products entering the environment. The use of biodegradable and organic cleaning products for all its public buildings reduces water pollution. Monterey's green building ordinance will bring about a marked reduction in wasted energy and natural resources. The purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles for its fleet reduces CO2 emissions. Dual flush toilets, waterless urinals, and a waterless truck cleaning station will reduce water usage. Salinas has only recently signed the sustainability agreements and is considering measures to adopt.

Citizens for a Sustainable Monterey County acts as a catalyst for the creation of sustainability action groups which initiate local projects, educate people on sustainability issues, and partner with their city government for the implementation of the Accords and the Agreement. For more information and to get involved in your community, visit the following websites or use the email contact.

Pacific Grove:


Seaside: able-seaside?hl=en

Big Sur:


Carmel Valley:


CSMC works to initiate an action group in every city of the county and to have them adopt the Accords and Agreement. To get involved, contact .

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