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Zipline opposition grows

December 2011
Jack's Peak ViewJacks Peak County Park is home to the largest remaining pristine Monterey pine forest in the world. Photo: Patrice Vecchione

Ziplines, aerial tramways proposed for Jacks Peak County Park and Point Lobos State Reserve have generated a groundswell of grassroots opposition in the last month. Plans for the zipline proposed by Canadian based Ziptrek Ecotours in Point Lobos State Reserve have been put on hold indefinitely while State Parks conducts a General Plan for the newly acquired Point Lobos East.

The County Parks Commission convened a hearing on the proposed zipline for Jacks Peak County Park last month which brought out over 40 opponents who vociferously attacked the proposal as an assault on the natural tranquility and as having negative impacts to wildlife, plants, and other natural resources in the Park. Jacks Peak County Park is the largest remaining pristine Monterey pine forest in the world.

Following the Commission hearing, participants formed a non-profit called Friends of Jacks Peak to focus efforts to defeat the proposal. The Ventana Chapter has voted to support this effort and to contribute funding to hire lawyers to evaluate the EIR due out in March.

How to help
If you wish to make a contribution to oppose the zipline at Jacks Peak County Park, please send donations to the Ventana Chapter, PO Box 5667, Carmel, CA 93921.

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