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Transportation Task Force votes down greenhouse gas reduction amendment

December 2007

Over the opposition of Sierra Club representatives Jim Danaher and Kristen Raugaust, the Transportation Funding Task Force voted down a motion that future transportation projects in Santa Cruz County reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The wording of the failed motion made by Gine Johnson, Executive Director of Ecology Action was

“The Plan funded by this ballot measure shall be consistent with Assembly Bill 32 by having the effect of a net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and each project be at least greenhouse gas emission neutral over the life of the measure.”

Members who voted against the motion expressed concern with its exact wording, yet did not offer alternate language. Some said they felt the motion would make road maintenance difficult. AB 32 requires the State to roll back emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, an estimated 25% reduction.

The Task Force was created by the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission in 2005 to recommend a ballot measure to raise money for transportation projects in Santa Cruz County.

Sierra Club believes we must work to lower greenhouse gas emissions starting now. The scientists are clear—we need to cut emissions 80% by 2050. The need to take action to move to clean energy sources and cut global warming is urgent and immediate.

The Sierra Club Transportation Policy opposes widening highways and states that HOV lanes should come from converting existing highway lanes rather than from constructing new lanes. For more details on sensible transportation options in Santa Cruz County see

How they voted
In favor of the motion:
Jeff Major
Lynn Robinson
Don Hoernschemeyer
Paul Elerick
Emily Reilly
Lee Otter
Theresia Rogerson
Al Smith
John Daugherty
Virginia Johnson
Dave Wright
Debbie Bulger
Micah Posner
Piet Canin
Dave Casterson
Jim Danaher
Kristen Raugaust
Bill Leland
Donna Blitzer
Donna Ziel
Voted against the motion:
Brenda Brenner
Thomas Mullen
Bob Begun
Dene Bustichi
Chris Mann
Majel Jordan
Bruce Korb
Thomas Pistole
Ellen Pirie
Steve Robbins
Jan Beautz
Terry Hancock
Zack Dahl
Charles Eadie
Daniel Dodge
Cesar Lara
Ned Van Valkenburgh
Jerry Beyersdorff
Sandra Coley
Shirley Allen
Bill Comfort
Christina Manriquez
Steven Allen
Jim Conklin
Bill Tysseling
Robert Jones
Michael Krakowiak
Maggie Ivy
Tom Rider
Michael Watkins
Gustavo Gonzalez
Kirby Nicol
Paul Marcelin-Sampson
Sharolynn Ullestad
Terry-Lynn Winston
Robert Vallerga
Bonnie Morr
Dan Chauvet
Jim Van Houten

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