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Review: Fight Back, Forest Defenders Handbook

reviewed by Betsy Herbert, Ph.D.*
June 2010

At long last, the original 1994 Don’t Wait for the Chainsaws... Fight Back! booklet has been completely updated! I commend author Jodi Frediani for enhancing the content and format in this great new 2009 version, while retaining the spirit and organization of the original, which flew off the shelves when it was first released.

The intent of the original was to create a useful guide for concerned citizens to exercise their legal rights to be heard in the complex and unfriendly state government process of reviewing commercial logging plans. The 2009 version, aptly titled Fight Back! Forest Defenders Handbook, A Citizen’s Guide to Timber Harvest Regulation, continues in that vein. It provides updated contact information, great new photographs, and a real-life case study that clearly demonstrates the amazing power of an informed and organized neighborhood group.

Kudos to Jodi Frediani, who helped research the original version and who has been reviewing timber harvest plans and writing about forestry issues for 25 years. Her new 2009 Version 3 Fight Back! Forest Defenders Handbook is easily accessible on-line, and will undoubtedly assist folks throughout California in bringing about better forestry.

You can download your copy here.

*Betsy Herbert is the author of the original version of Fight Back!

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