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Conservation Issues of the Ventana Chapter | santa cruz county

Coastal Commission denies logging change for Santa Cruz coast

August 2010

At the July California Coastal Commission meeting in Sonoma County, Commissioners voted to deny a change in the Local Coastal Plan for Santa Cruz County. The change would have allowed logging in the Commercial Agricultural Zone District in the Coastal Zone. Currently logging is allowed in Commercial Agricultural Zones outside the Coastal Zone in Santa Cruz County.

After the Committee for Green Foothills, a grassroots group working to protect lands on the San Francisco Peninsula, expressed concern that such a change in Santa Cruz County would lead to similar changes in other coastal counties, the commission voted unanimously to deny the change.

The Coastal Commission staff had no maps showing how many parcels would be affected, where they were located, the size of such parcels, or how many might have endangered species habitat.

Landowners who wish to log may seek rezoning of parcels to Timber Preserve.

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