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    Back Issues Volume 41, Number 4, 2002                
What have we done to the rain? What have we done to the rain?
When rain falls on the Earth, raindrops land on plants and soil. Rainwater filters through the soil slowly, providing moisture for plant roots and recharging the groundwater. Plant roots help hold the soil in place and prevent erosion and mudslides. When the soil is saturated and no more rain can be absorbed, water flows both underground through the soil, and over ground, into rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes ... [more]

Sandy Lydon to speak at Sierra Club luncheon
Cabrillo College historian emeritus Sandy Lydon will speak at the annual Club membership luncheon at the New Moss Landing Marine Lab. Lydon’s topic is “Back From the Brink: The Impulse to Use vs. the Impulse to Save in the Monterey Bay Region.” ... [more]

Water-wise members get washing machine rebates
Local Sierra Club members have cut down on their water use by replacing their worn out clothes washers with water-efficient front-loading models. Not only are they helping the environment, they received cash rebates for their wise choices.

Gabrielle Stocker of Santa Cruz appreciates the advantages of her Frigidaire washing machine purchased in 2000. “I’m concerned about water usage,” Stocker admits. “This washer uses a lot less water than my old machine.” [more]
Gabrielle Stocker's front-loading machine

Fire suppression Fire suppression, drought and poor logging practices to blame for wildfires
Environmentalists used as scapegoat

In the wake of this summer’s epidemic of forest fires in the West caused by a combination of drought, overlogging, and fire suppression, the Forest Service, some western members of Congress, and newspapers such as the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal, have been using the fires to attack environmental groups and the Sierra Club in particular ... [more]

The TRUTH and what the timber industry wants you to believe

Have you ever visited a forest that had been recently commercially logged? You would have noticed several things immediately. First of all, it is HOT! With the majority of the big and valuable trees removed, the sun bears down relentlessly, drying out the forest floor that was previously shady and cool ... [more]

U.S. policy threatens global population stabilizationU.S. policy threatens global population stabilization
Worldwide, three billion people are under the age of 25. One billion of those are entering their reproductive years (14-25). The reproductive choices these young people make will have a tremendous impact on the future of our planet. Our planet is now home to 6.1 billion people doubled since 1960 ... [more]

Suit about U.S. energy plan proceeding
The lawsuit by Sierra Club for disclosure of details of the Cheney Task Force’s meetings with energy industry executives passed another hurdle with the issuing in July of Judge Emmet Sullivan’s written opinion allowing the suit to proceed ... [more]

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